Tips to care for your Uchida products


Our company is proud to be an official distributor of UCHIDA Office Furniture because UCHIDA provides good aftercare for their products.
There is a factory located locally in Malaysia, which you can bring your chair to in the event that it gets broken.

The picture below is a chair that has a broken armrest because of wear and tear.
( While I always try to be careful in taking care of the chair, I sometimes forget to adjust the chair to a lower position, so the armrest often ends up hitting the desk.)

What would you do if your office chair became like this?
Would you simply buy a new one or just bear with it and continue to use it? 😥
However, at UCHIDA you can request to exchange for new specific parts such as the arm rest!!

I requested to exchange the old armrest of the chair for a new armrest and I received it😁

It contains two arm-rest covers and four screws.
However, these are not like any other ordinary screws, they are of high Japanese quality❗❗

Can you tell what the blue part on the screw is
The blue part is to prevent it from slipping off easily.🔦
Have you bought furniture from local furniture stores and saw the screws of your chair becoming increasingly looser over time? 😥
I feel like many of us may have had such an experience.
Every time we jerk or shake the chair, the movement may shift the screws and over time the screws may become increasingly loose.
If you continue using chairs that have loose screws, it will be harmful for your posture. Isn’t that scary and bad for your body
Hence the blue part on the screw which prevents it from slipping really makes a difference❗❗🔦

Let’s try attaching the arm rest❗❗
Firstly, turn the chair upside down. It appears heavier than it actually is❗❗

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws.

After removing the screws, attach the new arm rest cover, and you are done❗❗
It literally only takes a few minutes❗❗

After cleaning up the mess, it looks as good as new❗❗😁
With the new armrest cover, we are confident that you’ll be able to use the chair comfortably for a long time.

If you experience any difficulties in trying to change the new armrest of your chair please do not hesitate to contact us.📲💌

Our greatest wish is that you’ll be able to use the UCHIDA Chairs comfortably for a long, long time.
Hence we are always ready to provide and form of support❗❗

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