Why not tatami mats that will benefit both owners and pets?

Are you a pet owner or someone who’s currently thinking about getting a pet
Well, having a pet at home brings such a healing and joyful presence to the house and the entire family doesn’t it?  ❤✨
As Islam is the majority religion in Malaysia, there are more cat owners than dog owners here. However, with the Covid 19 pandemic, and everyone starting to work from home, there are many households who have started thinking about possibly owning a little puppy. 🐾

Thus, the Sekisui Tatami will be perfect for your adorable fur friend 🎵

Our past customers have shared some of their worries about living with pets. Such as their cat  leaving scratch marks on their floor because of their sharp nails or that their tiles can sometimes be cold, slippery or even hard to walk which is especially worrying for pets that have existing back problems. Even if they already have a carpet at home, it still doesn’t seem as effective .

Below are some of the common problems that customers living with pets face.↓

Well, being a pet owner really isn’t that easy huh? …🤔

😲❓❗✨But, the Sekisui Tatami can help you to solve all of the problems above!❗❗✨
Why do we recommend the Sekisui Tatami?

Firstly, it allows you to get rid of dirt quickly and is extremely easy to clean!! 👍✨
Cleaning methods include:
-Wiping with a damp cloth
-Disinfectants are also OK (* depending on type and concentration of disinfectant )
-Using vacuum cleaners is also OK, this will be especially helpful when getting rid of fur!

Secondly,  unpleasant odours will not remain. ❗❗✨

Unlike natural rush, the Sekisui Tatami is made of resin material, so moisture will not penetrate into the tatami mats. Hence, even if a pet pees on the tatami mats, if you wipe it clean, no odour will remain.

Third, since mites and mould are less likely to grow, the Sekisui Tatami is healthy for both pets and owners 🍀
  The carpet has so many mites and mould!
 Since Malaysia is so hot and humid, mite and mould growth is extremely common.
Pets compared to their owners, spend even more time on the ground, therefore pets are even more susceptible to mites and fleas growing on their fur.
As a pet owner, I’m sure you want to choose a type of tatami that keeps your precious fur friend clean and safe, right?

Fourth, the Sekisui Tatami is not slippery, has cushioning properties, and also makes your flooring soundproof ◎ 👍✨
  I want my pet to play freely but I'm worried that it’ll get back pain when I see my pet slipping on the flooring and tiles. Sometimes out of nowhere, my pet will also jump from a height and catch me off guard. I hope that my pet’s jumping won't disturb the neighbours downstairs.  Do you share the above worries?

 -Well, the surface of the SEKISUI tatami mat is not slippery and despite being only 1.5 cm thin, the tatami mat itself has cushioning properties, so it softens the impact of the jump.
 The cushion also makes the floor soundproof, so you get to kill three birds with one stone ❗❗👍
 -Moreover, it's safe because the cat's and dog's claws will not get entangled in the carpet wool, right?  😃

Fifth, the temperature is kept constant, so it's neither too hot nor too cold 🎵✨
  In Malaysia, where the sunlight is strong, the flooring and floors that are exposed to direct sunlight will be "hot", right?  (It may sometimes even exceed 50 ℃?)… On the contrary, the tiles that are not exposed to the sun are cold…
While owners can wear slippers, but cats and dogs do not… 💦  and we want to protect those cute paws of your precious fur friends!  🐾
  SEKISUI tatami mats can keep the temperature constant, and you can be assured that the tatami will be at just the right temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.
Six, the relationship between the owner and the pet will become closer 😍😸
 On our Sekisui Tatami, you can play and roll around with your cat or dog to your heart's content. When rolling around on the Tatami, your precious fur friends and yourself can take turns to be on top, and your pets can get to see their loving owner from the same point of view as you do. It is simply cuteness overload ❤
We are certain that the fun times spent on the Tatami will allow you to rediscover the cuteness of your precious fur friend that you won't be able to experience with just any normal type of sofa or chair!

In this way, SEKISUI tatami mats make spending time with your important family members (pets) even more comfortable and enjoyable. ❗❗🐾
Why not tatami mats that will benefit both owners and pets❓❗😄
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