One-stop Service for Design, Construction, Management
Our solution is very convenient because we are providing full services.
We will design the office interior according to your request without additional cost and time by controlling every stage of the construction.
Restoration Work
We can manage restoration work after your contract is finished. With an order for the relocated office, we offer the discount for that.
Office Furniture
FOUR LEAF PARTNERS is an aouthorised agency of Uchida MK. We can provide the furnitures that meet the needs of the office style.
Besides, we can also customized the furniture, according to your required.
UCHIDA Products
You can find out the required size, function and other details of the desks, chairs or storage in our showroom.  
If you have any request, please contact us.
〇I want to relocate to a bigger office, but how?
〇I want to get quotation of the renovation.
〇I would like to have an exhibition display of my products in my office.
〇I would like to purchase new office furniture for new employees.
After renovate your office, you can get the effects below

Increase motivation of employees

Once your office becomes more comfortable, employees are highly motivated. Increasing motivation is a factor to improve employee satisfaction and it may also increase customer's satisfaction. In addition, this can prevent your promising employees from leaving their jobs.

Improve imagination and creativity

Refreshing work environment and increasing communication with your colleagues, business partners and customers stimulate your imagination and creativity.

Increase recruitment efficency

When jobseekers come to your office, the atmosphere of your office will be the first impression to them. This first impression might affected their decision to join your company later.

Improve communication at work

We can improve communication in your office by changing the layout of your office or creating a space for relaxing. As a result, these renovations increase work efficiency or productivity, and eventually you can gain trust of your customers.

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