We have 2 types of interior design for each residence or renting property.
We propose liveability and the ideal design for your secondhouse and also for an investment purpose. Other than that, we will propose the suitable design for tenants. We provide the best solution according to your lifestyle and requirement (for residense or rent).
Japanese Style
You can purchase artificial TATAMI from us.
We provide the Japanese traditional/modern traditional design.
More Details
Customized Furniture
We create furniture according to your lifestyle.
You can get special furniture according to the place, purpose and preferance!
〇 unify your furniture's design
〇 We can create storage that fit in your space and make it look tidy
〇 You can change the color or material of the sofa you have choosen
If you have any request, please contact us.
〇I want to renovate the room for renting
〇I would like to customize the furniture for my house.
〇I want to have a Japanese-style room.
〇I plan to renovate my whole house.

Our Works