About UCHIDA MK Products

Uchida MK Sdn. Bhd. (UMK) was established in September 1988 at HICOM Industrial Estate of Selangor state in Malaysia.
UMK develops, manufactures and provides services for office and clean room furniture in global market such as Japan, Asia, Middle East and European countries based on our experience over 20 years in Malaysia and supporting from our group companies.
As the business environment in the region and the world over constantly and rapidly changes, the demand for a comfortable office environment is also changing. Recognizing this fact, UMK is contributing towards the enhancement of business office environment by providing high quality furniture in line with the changing demand standing at the view point of our customer UMK aspires to become a global leader in office and clean room furniture.


  • AJ Chair
    The standard of office chair is changed. AJ Chair in the debut worldwide. A new office chair with both perfect functionality and appearance and the mechanism to allow everyone sits comfortably is going to be delivered to the office all over the world! The production of AJ Chair redefines the standard of cost VS performance - fine quality but with new price!
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    The designer of AJ Chair:
    Takashi Asaka / Akinari Asaka Design Studio TRIFORM
    Established in 1979. Takashi Asaka and Akinari Asaka joined since 1993 and 2000 respectively in Uchida's mission for the development of office chairs. They are active and specialize in the design development, which shows maker’s philosophy and skills. Takashi Asaka acts as the chairperson of Japan Industrial Designer Association and he won many awards in the past years, e.g. iF Award, Mainichi Interior Design Award etc.
    Basic & Simple, but attractive...
    Despite being a simple and timeless classic design, CARISSA (Carissa) featuring a design full of freshness and lightness. Supports various work scenes with combinations of legs, frames, materials and so on. It is a new classic coloring office where diverse people gather.
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    A chair that anyone can use can also be used anywhere...
    Business environments and work styles evolve and diversify daily. To respond flexibly to these changes, Office chairs that provide working people with comfort and support must also be flexible. For example, meeting rooms that accommodate many people, office which require quality task space or SOHO, which can add an individual touch, EPO chair does not limit the user and location of usage, and it will deliver comfort and value through seating.
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    Evolutional Conjunction Table System
    The ASISTA is a table sufficiently equipped with necessary functions, such as large wiring space & dekstop panel. With variation of single sided and double sided type, supporting with different kinds of connection, it demonstrates its superior scalability. From work scene to meeting scene, a simple table system supports different kinds of scene, that is ASISTA.
    ASISTA WORKSTATION Catalog Download
    A Workstation desk combined Luxury coloring with sharp form of our flagship workstation product ASISTA. Great wiring capacity and desktop cabling case way depends on usage. It is a Meeting Table system which maximized the performance of meeting room
    ASISTA FOR MEETING Catalog Download
    Sharp & Simple
    ST meeting table suits all office scene.
    ST TABLE Catalog Download
    Create Active Learning Space Easily
    Write & Erase onto top board by using white board marker.
    WRITE TABLE Catalog Download
    A-Stack Folding Table
    A-Stack series are lightweight folding table adopting the “leg free structure” which center reinforcement stay has been removed to make leg room. The tabletop folds easily with one touch.
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